Choosing the Safer Cotton Gauze Fabric for Your Newborn

Newborn babies have that amazingly soft skin which is much more delicate and sensitive than adults. Therefore, it needs protection against outside organism, irritants, and allergens.

Here is why Suzuran Baby cotton gauze products are your safe choice.

No additives, chemicals and fluorescence added. 

We focus on delivering 100% natural cotton products to cater to babies’ need. Hence, no additives, chemicals and fluorescence were added during production to ensure it is safe for newborn use.

This also helps ensure our cotton gauze fabric is non-allergenic to all babies and has no triggers that will cause reactions.

Suitable for babies with asthma & eczema.

With no additives, chemicals and fluorescence added during production, it makes our cotton gauze fabric natural and friendly to all newborn babies, including those with asthma and eczema.

Read on to find out how our cotton gauze products helped these mommies to take care of their babies who have eczema. 

“As my baby girl has eczema, we try to take care as clean as possible for her to not worsen her skin. I would like to recommend Suzuran Baby Gauze Handkerchief. The material used is thin, breathable and soft, and therefore gentle to my baby’s skin. And it is easy to dry. After wash, hang it in airy area, it will dry very fast.” – Umbrella Mama 雨伞妈妈 (Facebook)

“Found the Best Undershirt! My baby has eczema issues where his skin needs some air and shouldn't be sweating so much. I always put on short sleeve outfits and yet I didn't think it worked so I stock up on eyelet short sleeves and sleeveless ones for him but I wasn't happy with it because if I were to put cologne or anything it will get through to his skin. I was worried and confused then I attended @tcebabyexpo and found a solution at @suzuranbabymalaysia !! Their cotton gauze undershirt is so good!!! Omggg it's so comfy and gentle to my baby's skin. In a packet, there are 2 pieces and packaging can't be opened and no testing so you can just use it right away. I'm so happy and my baby is happy as well with this material. Do grab the long or short undershirt for your baby - unisex outfit. It looks like kimono as well 😍."  @xfoodie_mummyx (Instagram)


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