Cleaning baby’s poop and pee

Cleaning baby’s poop and pee

Cleaning baby’s poop and pee when changing diaper can be a mess especially for first-time mommies. It may be your first time but no worries, practice makes perfect! We’re here to give you some tips and advices on how to thoroughly remove the poop and pee from your baby’s genitals.
1. Get your hands cleaned
Because you don’t want to transmit any bacteria or germs to your baby.

2. Get your products ready
Get organized so you don’t have to leave your baby to grab something during cleaning. You will need to get the following products ready before you clean your baby’s bottom and change his/her diaper.
- Diaper / Gauze diaper (we know some mothers who like to use the cotton gauze type)
- Clean cotton pads / wipe / cloth (depends on your preference)
- Lukewarm water (36.5°C – 40.5°C)
- Towel

Put a towel on the changing table to prevent poop and pee mishaps that may happen while changing diaper.

3. Initial cleaning
Open the diaper and wipe off the majority of the poop using the non-soiled side of the diaper. Roll it up and seal it with the tabs and then throw it away.
4. Wipe away the poop and pee
Poop doesn’t spread nicely around the genital areas as you might think. You’ll find it in between the creases and you have to make sure those creases and tiny areas at your baby’s bottom are thoroughly cleaned.

Assuming you’re using a clean cotton pad (Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton). Firstly, add some lukewarm water onto your cotton pad. Then, wrap the cotton around your finger.
For baby boys, clean the urinary area first, then under the testicles and in between the creases and thighs. Wipe the anus area last.
For baby girls, wipe from the front to the back as you don’t want the poop enters the urinary tract. It can cause inflammation. Rinse off any poop inside the labia with lukewarm water. Wipe the anus area last.

Ensure baby’s skin is completely dry before putting on a new diaper. You can use a clean towel or handkerchief to pat dry your baby’s skin.

Don’t forget to let that cute little bottom breathe a little while before you put on a new diaper! Your baby needs some nappy-free time as well.
5. What to do when that cute little bottom is red and inflamed?
Don’t panic when you see your baby’s bottom looks red and inflamed. We know it can be heartbreaking! It could be a nappy rash / diaper rash as a result from leaving your baby in a wet nappy for too long. It could also be because of other irritants such as poop and pee and materials that are not airy or too rough on the skin.

To reduce nappy rash, you need to change your baby’s nappy frequently. As poop and pee contain substances that can irritate your baby’s skin, you will need to clean your baby’s genital areas thoroughly.

If you’re using disposable wipes / baby wipes / wet wipes, avoid those with alcohol and fragrances as these ingredients can irritate and dry out the skin.

When you’re at home, simply use a dry cotton pad (Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton) or soft cloth, add lukewarm water to remove the poop and pee.

Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton is ideal for cleaning baby’s poop and pee. It’s antibacterial, non-allergenic and gentle on baby’s skin. What’s more, there’s no added chemicals and additives!