HFMD Alert!

Dear parents, it is worrying that HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) is spreading across Malaysia at an alarming rate now. We strongly urge parents to take precautions, pay attention to your infants and children and avoid bringing them to playgrounds, public or crowded places.

What is HFMD?
It is an infectious disease especially among infants and children under the age of six, although some older children can also be infected. It is caused by a group of viruses which can lead to serious illnesses among infants and children.

HFMD is transmitted from a person to another by direct contact through virus-contaminated hands or surfaces. It’s usually spread through direct contact with nose and throat discharge, saliva, fluid from blisters and stool of the infected child.

Transmission is commonly found in kindergartens/preschools, daycares and house residences.

HFMD symptoms
Symptoms include fever, poor appetite, non-itchy skin rash and often a sore throat. This is then followed by painful ulcers in the mouth, throat and tongue, rash or small blisters on the palms of hands.

It can lead to serious illnesses such as fatigue, vomiting, high fever, breathing heavily or strong palpitations of the heart.

However, some may show no symptoms at all but it is still possible to transmit the virus to others.

What to do in the event that your child is infected with HFMD?
There’s no specific medication or vaccine to treat HFMD. The management of the illness is mainly through symptomatic relief from pains and fever.

It is important to ensure your child drinks plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

How can you help reduce the spread of HFMD?

  1. Be alert and equipped yourself with knowledges on HFMD.
  2. Look out for the symptoms and consult a doctor immediately when your infant or child is unwell.
  3. Avoid bringing your infants or children to public or crowded places. If you have to, please insist your child to wear face mask for protection. Parents may consider Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Gauze Face Mask or AirSpace Junior 3-ply Face Mask for your toddlers. Also, wash and sanitise your children’s hands frequently.
  4. Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces such as toys and doorknobs to stop the virus from spreading. You may opt to sanitise objects and surfaces with your preferred solution using our tear-resistant Cotton Sheet.

Here is a list of Suzuran Baby products that can help you to protect your babies and children from the viruses.

  1. Always keep Wet Cleaning Cotton with you to keep your baby’s mouth, face, hand and foot clean. You may also use it to clean your baby’s bottle teats, teether and toys.
  2. Consider putting on Gauze Gloves on your baby to protect them from unwanted germs and bacteria.
  3. Use Antibacterial Cut Cotton to keep your baby’s bum clean after poop and pee. It can also be used to clean baby’s face, hands and foot.
  4. Wipe down any surfaces with our tear-resistant Cotton Sheet with your preferred antibacterial solutions or sanitisers.
  5. Discipline your children to wear Junior Face Masks when they are at public and crowded places.

It is important to always be alert when bring your babies and children out and about. Let’s work together to keep babies and children safe from HFMD!  

The latest statistic of HFMD in Malaysia (update as of 24 May 2022).

HFMD Infographic as of 24 May 2022

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