How to Achieve Equal Parenting

Mothers need lots of help with babies, especially new mothers. Actually, instead of calling it “help”, what mothers need is equal parenting. In this modern era, many fathers are equal parents, or strive to be. Husbands should also be proactive and engage in running a household and caring for a family.

What is Equal Parenting?

Equal parenting means sharing the responsibilities, duties, jobs and chores of parenting equally between the father and the mother. It means both partners seeing, acknowledging and appreciating what the other is doing because it is an important, meaningful and necessary contribution to the family. Mothers are not the only caregivers, and fathers’ involvement is not seen as “help”. Both are parents and have equal responsibilities in raising a child.

Why is Equal Parenting Important?

Studies have shown that equal parenting helps reduce the chances of postpartum depression which is common among new mothers. By sharing the responsibilities of caring for a child since birth such as feeding, diaper changing, laundry, handling tantrums and late-night crying, mothers get to rest and recover from childbirth and sleep deprivation.

When both parents are committed to working together on common family goals, it also sets a great example of teamwork and support that does a long way in the child’s life.

How to Achieve Equal Parenting?

First of all, steer away from the “it’s her/his job” mindset because roles and duties should not be fixed to one parent.

  1. Plan upon the duties that are to be divided.
  2. Work as a team and support each other.
  3. Infants tend to wake up in the middle of the night so swapping sleep hours can help both parents get proper rest and good sleep.
  4. Split up household chores.
  5. Get involved equally in your child’s life to make them feel comfortable and open to the both of you.
  6. Communicate.
  7. Enjoy working and managing the household together rather than feeling this as a burden.

With equal parenting, everyone wins. Parents become partners and your family forms a stronger bond. Children get to spend more quality time with both parents and ultimately this makes your children more open to discussion, keen to share problems and seek guidance.

How to Achieve Equal Parenting

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