Tips for Balik Kampung with Babies

It is exciting to be able to meet your families this festive season. However, travelling long hours with a baby can be a hassle (because sooooooo many things to pack). Fret not as we have some tips and guide to help you and your little one travel safely and comfortably.

Service your car, get the car seat ready, and time your journey

It is important to ensure your car is in a good condition to avoid any unnecessary breakdown, especially when you are travelling with a baby. Before you start your journey, you may schedule a service appointment to check your car engine, brake, tires, etc. Make sure your baby’s car seat is properly and safely installed for the journey too.

You know your baby’s schedule the best. It is a good time to go on the road during your baby’s naptime to help both mommy and daddy relax during the journey. Give your baby a good feed before you leave the house to help him/her nap better during the ride. Then, choose to stop at the bigger and better-equipped R&R for the next feed and diaper change.

Pack what-you-need-in-the-car and what-you-need-at-your-destination separately

Pack what you need to use in the car in an easily accessible tote bag(s), and the rest of the items can go into your usual travel bag/luggage.

Pack the must-haves in an easily accessible tote bag for your trip back hometown with your baby.

The must-haves in car while traveling with a baby include:

  • Gauze handkerchiefs to wipe away any mess (sweat, drool, etc)
  • Wet Cleaning Cotton to wipe baby’s face to keep him/her feeling refreshed during the ride
  • Cotton Sheet to wipe baby if you plan to keep your baby entertained with some baby snacks and maybe for yourself too
  • A portable changing mat to change baby’s diaper, whether you are doing it in car or at the R&R
  • Many, many diapers (the estimation is based on how many hours you will be on the road)
  • Antibacterial Cut Cotton to clean baby’s bum when changing diaper at R&R
  • One change of clothes for both mommy and baby
  • Baby teether / toys and baby snacks to keep baby entertained
  • Sufficient drinking bottles, milk powder, hot water flask and drinking water if baby is on formula milk
  • Breastfeeding mommy to bring a nursing cover (nursing in a moving car is a no-no; make sure to stop at a R&R if your baby needs a feed)
  • Breast pump, storage bottles / bags and a cooler bag with sufficient ice packs for mommies who pump exclusively

Take care of yourself…with snack, good music, or anything you need!

Don’t forget to relax and have fun while traveling too! Pack some of your favourite snacks, take away a cup of coffee or your favourite beverage, and listen to your music playlist throughout the journey.

Get tested for COVID-19 before balik kampung

It is important to keep each other safe so everyone can have fun with a peace of mind during the festive season. Get tested for COVID-19 at home before you start your traveling journey and also advise your families back in kampung to do the same.

Upon arriving at your destination, it is good to take a shower to get yourself clean and germ-free. And finally, enjoy yourself and have a wonderful reunion with your family and friends.

Last but not least, get yourself plenty of great luck and fortune in the year of Dragon! 


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