A Day in the Life with a Newborn

A Day in the Life with a Newborn

Newborn babies generally eat, poop, and sleep around the clock in the early days. Here is a glimpse into what it is like to be home with a newborn baby. 

Constant Feeding

Frequent feeding is normal and expected in the early days as most newborns need to be nursed/fed at least 8-12 times (every 2-3 hours) a day. While you are focused at providing the essential nutrients to your baby, don’t forget to take care of their oral health and establish a good oral hygiene routine for their future dental health.

Clean your newborn baby’s gums, tongue, and oral cavities with Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton after feeding will help to fight bacterial growth and promotes good oral health from birth onwards. This will also help your baby to have a smoother transition to brushing teeth later on.

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Never Ending Diaper Change

You will be changing your baby’s diaper every 2-3 hours (almost after every feed) because newborn urinate around 20 times per day for the first few months of their lives. And it’s really important to change your baby’s diaper as soon as you notice they’ve had a bowel movement – poop can irritate your baby’s delicate skin and might even lead to a bladder infection (especially in baby girls)!

It is recommended to use soft cotton pads with lukewarm water to clean your baby’s bum during diaper changes. Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton is not only soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin, it is also lint-free and will leave no cotton fiber on your baby’s bottom. With this method, your baby’s bum will be rash-free as it won’t come into contact with any chemicals, additives or fragrances that can be found in baby wipes.  

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Bath Time, Bonding Time

Most babies cry at bath time as newborns are highly sensitive to change in temperature, which can make them instantly uncomfortable. Swaddled bathing is an infant bathing method that can make newborns feel warm and secure during bath time while creating a stress-free and better bonding experience for both baby and parents.

Here is a quick guide on how to swaddle bath your newborn – wrap your baby with Suzuran Baby Gauze Bath Towel and then immersed in a bathtub filled with water. The immersed bath towel allows warm water to travel up the towel and warm up your newborn’s body. Then, unswaddle, wash, rinse and re-swaddle each of your newborn's limb individually with the loose ends of bath towel or Suzuran Baby Gauze Handkerchief.

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Sleep Baby Sleep

Newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping, and only wake up every few hours to eat. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how much clothing and the type of clothing you put on your baby to keep him/her feeling comfortable.

Pure cotton is a natural fabric and it is non-allergenic to all babies, including babies with sensitive skin and allergies. Suzuran Baby Gauze Undershirt Short and Long provides better aeration and absorbency to help remove sweat easily. Plus, you could also insert a Suzuran Baby Gauze Sweat Pad behind baby’s back to help keep your baby’s skin cool and dry.  

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