Cleaning Cotton vs Baby Wipes: Which is Better?

Cleaning Cotton vs Baby Wipes: Which is Better?

One of the leading baby essentials that you will be using on your baby is baby wipes. You will generally believe that baby wipes are made of decent quality and safe for your baby’s skin. However, newborn babies have more sensitive and delicate skin than others – which means skin allergies and irritations can be easily triggered.

Most baby wipes contain commercial ingredients like preservatives, chemicals, or additives. These ingredients will then potentially expose babies to allergens, and irritants – which may cause skin allergies and irritations to babies, especially those who have sensitive skin or allergies.

The alternative to baby wipes is using cleaning cotton with lukewarm water to clean baby. This is the gentler method as pure cotton is the most natural and non-allergenic material to baby’s delicate skin. Plus, Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton does not contain any additional ingredients which helps in protecting baby’s skin from allergens, irritations, and rashes.

I can opt for organic baby wipes, right?

Organic baby wipes are becoming common and popular amongst parents. These organic baby wipes contain organic ingredients which are gentler and safer than commercial ingredients. However, depending on the material used to make the baby wipes (usually a blend of natural and synthetic fiber), the texture and thickness of the wipes can still be rough on baby’s soft skin.

The resealable packaging of baby wipes made preservatives a must-have ingredient to protect the wipes from microbiological contamination and growth. Food-grade preservative is often found in organic baby wipes. Though food-grade preservatives are considered safe, why not choose the safest option – Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton which is made from 100% pure cotton (natural material) and contains no chemicals, additives, or preservatives?

Isn’t it inconvenient to use cleaning cotton to clean baby?

Yes, baby wipes are undeniably convenient to use, and there is an additional step if you use cleaning cotton.

You will need to first wet the cleaning cotton with lukewarm water before cleaning baby. However, this gives you the flexibility to control the wetness depending on the mess – you can make the cleaning cotton extra wet if there is dried poo sticking to baby’s skin.


With cleaning cotton, you can clean baby’s bottom more effectively and efficiently. At the end of the day, you will be using less cleaning cotton compared to if you use baby wipes (as baby wipes might not be as moist and absorbent, and you will be using more wipes for each cleaning sessions).

Isn’t it too much hassle to use cleaning cotton when baby and I are outside?

You can pack some ready-to-use cleaning cotton for your outings too! Just follow these simple steps below:

  1. Decide how many pieces of Antibacterial Cotton you would like to bring along (can be estimated based on the hours you will be out of home).
  2. Then, dip those cleaning cottons into lukewarm water and adjust the wetness accordingly.
  3. Keep these wet cleaning cottons in a zip lock bag, pack it into your diaper bag, and voila!


Ready-to-use Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton which are antibacterial, non-allergenic, lint-free, and gentle to your baby’s skin will be at your service while baby and you are outside.

Cleaning Cotton vs Baby Wipes: Which is better?

As a parent, you will only want the best for your precious one. So, you decide what is best for your baby’s skin!

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