Frequently Asked Questions

About Suzuran Baby's Products

Refer to the list of general questions and answers below.

Yes, it is safe to use Wet Cleaning Cotton to clean your baby’s mouth from 0-month onwards. Wet Cleaning Cotton is made from 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton and contains 100% purified water with no added additives or chemicals.

Yes, you can. However we advise parents to take extra precautions and be very gentle when cleaning your baby’s mouth with handkerchief to prevent bleeding.

Alternatively, we highly recommend parents to use Wet Cleaning Cotton as the much gentler option to clean your baby’s gums, tongue, and oral cavities. It is made from 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton, contains 100% purified water, and is sterilized to ensure it is gentle and safe for your baby.

We do not recommend it. We highly recommend parents to use Wet Cleaning Cotton to clean your baby’s gum, tongue and oral cavities. Wet Cleaning Cotton is made from 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton, contains 100% purified water, and is sterilized to ensure it is gentle and safe for your baby.

Yes, absolutely. You can wet the Antibacterial Cut Cotton with lukewarm water to clean your baby’s face. Our Antibacterial Cut Cotton is thick, soft and non-allergenic. It is ideal for baby with sensitive skin or allergies.

We do not recommend it as soaking Antibacterial Cut Cotton in the water for too long will risk losing its structure and causing it to disintegrate in water.

We recommend parents to use our Gauze Handkerchief to clean and wipe your baby during bath time. It is ultra-lightweight and highly absorbent, hence making it ideal to use as a washcloth and clean hard-to-reach areas such as the baby’s neck.

All Suzuran Baby products are sterilized with high steam pressure, hygienically packaged and completely sealed to maintain sterile nature of the products. Therefore, you are unable to choose the colours of the handkerchief.

Definitely! Our Gauze Short / Long Undershirt fits newborn up to 9 months old depending on baby’s size. Check out the length of Gauze Short Undershirt and Gauze Long Undershirt before purchasing.

Our Junior Face Masks are suitable for child 2 years old and above.

Please note that children below 2 years old should NOT wear a mask as:
- They have smaller airways, so breathing through a mask is harder for them.
- If it's hard for them to breathe and they can't tell anyone or take the mask off by themselves, they could suffocate.

Wearing face masks for children below 2 years old will be at parents’ own risks.

Refer to MOH guidelines here

There is no specified frequency on how many times you can wash or reuse our Antibacterial Gauze Face Mask, as it depends on how you wash and care for it. If you notice that the gauze cloth starts to thin / tatter / torn, then it’d be best to stop using it and replace it with a new one.

It is not necessary as the fabric has been sterilized with high steam pressure prior to packaging. Therefore, it is safe to use straight from the pack.

If you prefer an even softer touch and feel, you may choose to wash the new cotton gauze fabric first as it will help soften the fabric. The fabric gets softer after each wash.

It is easy and simple to care for our cotton gauze fabric. You can choose to hand wash or machine wash with gentle cycle or low spin with baby / mid detergent. Lastly, hang dry under the sun.

Currently, we do not offer baby booties. You can check out our Baby Daily Wear series here.

Currently, we do not offer nappy cloth or swaddle blanket. Stay tuned to our latest additions by subscribing to our newsletter.

Yes, you can include a personalised message by purchasing a gift card on our website. Include your personalised message under order note upon checkout and we will handwrite the gift card for you. Buy gift card here.

Gift card message personalisation service is exclusive for purchase on website only. This service is unavailable for orders from Shopee and Lazada.

Our Brand & Product Origin

1. Where is the product made from?

Suzuran Baby products are proudly made in Shanghai. Our products are certified with OEKO-TEX®, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 as proof of our commitments and dedication to excellent product quality, safe and free from harmful substances.

2. Where is the brand from?

Suzuran Baby is thoughtfully designed in Japan.

Delivery & Shipping

1. Do you deliver internationally?

Yes we do, except China, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau. Please visit our international site here for international shipping.

2. Can I receive my order today / tomorrow if I make a purchase today?

We require 2 – 3 business days (for West Malaysia) and 3 – 5 business days (for East Malaysia) to fulfil and deliver your order to you. If you need your items urgently, we recommend swinging by one of our authorized resellers to make a purchase. Locate the nearest here.