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Suzuran Baby x HappiPlayground Board Game

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Product Details:
• Contain:
1. 168 cards with different colours and characters. Each card consists of 2 HappiPlayground characters. There is a total of 8 characters namely Panda, Yani, Pucci, Pengi, Tiger, Bunni, Pinki and Elita.
2. An English and Chinese language guide

• Material: Paper
• Made in Taiwan
• Suitable for 3 years old and above
• Diameter of each card = 7.4cm

Safe for Children’s Use
The product uses soybean oil, as opposed to the traditional solvent oil to produce the ink. Soybean oil is an edible oil and it can be fully integrated with the natural environment after decomposition. Therefore, it is safe for children’s use.

A Board Game that is Ideal for Kids Learning
1. This board game helps to develop children’s cognitive learning.
2. It teaches children to be focus, accurate and fast.
3. It also develops children’s sensitivity on details and ability to make decision.

Gaming Requirement
Players: 2 - 8 people
Game goal: Be the first player to finish all the cards on hand.

Gaming Instructions
1. Place 13 cards on the table randomly.
2. Divide the remaining cards equally to all players. If the cards cannot be divided equally, put them back into the box.
3. The game starts with the youngest player and the turn goes clockwise.
4. At your turn, name one of the characters and use a card of yours to cover a card on the table with that character on.
5. If the card revealed does not have the specific character on it, the game continues with the next player.
6. If the card revealed has the specific character on it, all the players need to use their cards to cover all the cards with the specific characters on it as soon as possible, until all cards with the specific character are all covered.
7. The game then continues. The first player who finishes all his/her cards wins!

Punishment Rule:
If the character’s name is wrongly called or cards are placed on the wrong pile, the player will have to take the whole pile of cards back and replace its position with one of the cards on hand.

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