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Start Cleaning Your Newborn with Suzuran Baby

Learn from Baby Asher

Cleaning your newborn has never been so easy with Suzuran Baby. Learn the process from Baby Asher now.

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Aisyah Habshee's A Day in Life with Her Newborn

As a first-time mom, Aisyah tries her best to make it easier to handle her baby. Her baby routines is so much easier and faster now with Suzuran Baby.

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Hear From the Parents

I only recently learn that it is not good to always use wipes (the wet type with soap esp) and the Pd recommended to use water to wash her bum! So this is when the Antibacterial Cotton comes in handy. It doesn’t fray and does such a good job. 


Super satisfied after trying 1 box of Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton. Now repurchase more! 100% safe to use even for cleaning baby’s oral gum! Worry-free! 


The Gauze Gloves are my fav. It is big enough and larger top design that enables him to moves and open his little hands in the gloves, so his development wouldn't be restrained. Plus, it can prevent his fingers from scratches and bites! And mommy no need to worries if he put his fingers into his mouth anymore! 


I bought the handkerchief and antibacterial cotton from Lazada! I love the handkerchief the most, I make it as a bib too. And for my baby bathing, cleaning tools. With the 100% cotton material, it does not cause any irritation for my baby’s skin! Thanks for bringing such good products to Malaysia!


Suzuran Baby Gauze Undershirt is so comfy and super duper gentle to my baby's skin. It is so cooling and very comfortable to wear.


These Japanese sweat pad work like a charm! After absorbing the sweat from my baby's back when she's asleep, I can just remove it by pulling the top collar, keeping my baby cool and dry. Now my baby can sleep comfortably and mommy is happy.

Los Angeles, CA

Bought this short undershirt. 100% clean cotton. Feel soft and comfort. No fluorescent, colouring added, safe for baby!


Finally I discovered that the Gauze Sweat Pad could actually works well to prevent baby cloth soaked wet after sweating. Just slide in the sweat pad from the back of baby to absorb sweat and can be easily remove from the top after use.


I’m using these Suzuran Baby handkerchiefs, I think at least 10 pc a day! Since baby Kay LOVES spitting out milk after feed.


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