Aisyah Habshee's A Day in Life with Her Newborn

Taking care of a newborn baby may be overwhelming for a first-time mother but looking at your sleeping baby will remind you why it is all worth it. We are here to help you ease your motherhood journey. By having the right products by your side, your baby will sleep comfortably all day long, and as parents, you get more resting time too!

Here, we will dive into a few insights from Aisyah Habshee. She has become a pro taking care of her baby Maryam! Keep reading to learn some tips from her.

"You don't feel like having 24 hours is enough when we are repeating the same baby routines every day", says Aisyah. As days go by, baby Maryam now has a good daytime nap without whining anymore because she is comfortable wearing Suzuran Baby Gauze Undershirt that keeps her body cool and dry throughout the nap. The Gauze Undershirt is thin and airy to naturally whisking moisture away and help prevent overheating.

During naptime, Aisyah has the habit to put a piece of Gauze Handkerchief next to baby Maryam's mouth to absorb her drools because it is large and highly absorbent.

Since started using Suzuran Baby products, Aisyah is more than happy to clean baby Maryam because it's so easy to do the cleaning. She uses a soap sponge dispenser to wet the Antibacterial Cut Cotton to clean her baby's bum during diaper change. The cotton can absorb so much water which makes cleaning baby Maryam so easy and efficient. Antibacterial Cut Cotton is not only used for the baby, Aiysah uses it to clean her C-section wound too because it is antibacterial, soft and gentle on the skin.

Aisyah uses Gauze Bath Towel to swaddle her baby during bath time to reduce the chances of a crying baby. It works out very well because her baby did not cry throughout the bath as the towel keeps her warm and secure, making the bathing experience enjoyable for both Aisyah and Maryam. Well, maybe Aisyah’s singing helps sooth the baby too.

Lastly, Aisyah uses Wet Cleaning Cotton to clean her baby's mouth, tongue and gums everyday. Aisyah uses Wet Cleaning Cotton to clean her baby's mouth, tongue and gums everyday. Wet Cleaning Cotton is made from 100% pure cotton and contains 100% purified water, safe for newborn from 0 months onwards. Aisyah's mom even shared an interesting and important experience on why we need to clean the milk residue in baby’s mouth on a regular basis. If the milk residue is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate hence become thicker in baby's mouth. This will cause the baby to lose appetite. So parents, start cleaning your baby’s tongue and gums!

As a first-time mom, Aisyah tries her best to make it easier to handle her baby. Cleaning your baby is so much easier and faster with Suzuran Baby. Plus, Suzuran Baby products are non-allergenic and do not have any additives or chemicals added. It is suitable for babies with sensitive skin or allergies too. Hence mommies, start your motherhood journey with Suzuran Baby today!

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Hello Baby! Essentials Treasure Set
Hello Baby! Essentials Treasure Set
Hello Baby! Essentials Treasure Set
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