Do babies really need mittens?

There are various reasons why parents get mittens for their babies. One of the main and common reasons is mittens can prevent babies from scratching their skin or piercing their eyes with their long sharp fingernails. While some parents wear mittens on their babies to protect their babies’ fingers from cold.

Some babies may develop rashes or eczema on their faces. Mittens are good solutions to prevent baby scratching their face which can aggravate their skin irritations.

However, it is important to let your baby have mittens-free time when they start developing motor skills to control their hands and legs because their little fingers need to explore the environment around them. Wearing mittens for a prolonged period may limit their sensory experience and impede their overall development.

Wearing mittens are not a must but they may be essential to protect your baby from accidentally scratching their skin and eyes. Hence it is important to keep track of your baby’s development, wear mittens when you need to, and go mittens-free when your baby has outgrown the need to wear them.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right mittens:

  1. Choose mittens made from 100% gauze cotton. Your baby needs highly breathable mittens to prevent their little fingers get sweaty and smelly.
  2. Choose mittens that have a bigger glove top for your baby’s fingers to wiggle. It is essential for their cognitive development.
  3. Choose mittens that are not too tight, with a good elastic strap to ensure good blood circulation for your baby. Mittens with good elastic straps also enable parents to put on and remove the mittens more easily from their baby’s hands.
  4. Antibacterial mittens are optional but they are good to have because the mittens will not smell bad from your baby’s sweaty palm.

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Do babies really need mittens?

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