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How to choose the right baby wipe for different cleaning purposes?

Baby wipes are essential when you have a baby. They come in handy for any cleaning purposes including during diaper changes, milk spills, spit-ups and even sweats. As baby has delicate and sensitive skin, parents need to be mindful when choosing the right baby wipe for your baby.

What is important to look for in baby wipes?

  • Gentle on the skin and free from harmful substances
  • With the least ingredients and free from harsh chemicals and fragrances
  • Made from natural fibre such as cotton
  • Thick enough for efficient cleaning
  • Moist enough to clean your baby’s mess.

Here are the products we recommend parents when choosing the right baby wipes for your baby.

  1. Cleaning baby’s bum during diaper change
    We believe less is more. Hence the good-old-fashioned cotton and water is the best for cleaning baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Choose large-size ingredient-free Antibacterial Cut Cotton to clean your baby’s genital and diaper area for a rash-free bum. Not only that, it is made thick enough to absorb much more water to clean your baby’s poop. Baby wipes that are too dry can be rough on your baby’s skin and can cause irritation or rashes. We have listed 9 reasons why you should use dry cotton wipes on your newborn, read more here
  1. Cleaning baby’s eyes and face
    For delicate areas like eyes, lips and face, you need very soft material and wipes with the least ingredient. Antibacterial Cut Cotton is a good choice for wiping baby’s eyes, lips and face. It is thick to absorb water for cleaning and very soft on the skin.
  1. Cleaning milk spills, spit-up and sweat
    At home, Gauze Handkerchiefs are your best buddies. They are a must to stock up to clean baby’s milk spills and spit-ups. Gauze Handkerchiefs are highly absorbent, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry. When you are out with your baby, Cotton Sheet is more convenient because it is disposable. Made from 100% cotton as well, Cotton Sheet is also highly absorbent and soft on the skin to clean your baby.
  1. Cleaning baby’s mouth
    It is important to use sterile cotton to clean your baby’s tongue, gums and inner cheeks. Wet Cleaning Cotton is sterilised with high steam pressure and contains 100% purified water, making it safe to clean baby’s mouth. As baby’s mouth is very delicate, make sure to use 100% natural or plant-based material such as cotton because it’s gentler on the skin.

    Read more on how to establish a good oral care routine for your newborn here. 

How to choose the right baby wipe for different cleaning purposes

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