Protecting Your Babies & Toddlers when Traveling during COVID-19 Pandemic

Life is gradually returning to normal as government continued to ease restrictions on the COVID-19 Standard-Operating Procedure (SOP), allowing families to dine-in at restaurants, visiting shopping malls and parks; and make plans to cuti-cuti Malaysia.

However, with more people heading out, it is important to always remain cautious when going out and about, especially doing your best to help protect your babies and toddlers from catching the virus.

Here is a quick guide to help you to travel safely and responsibly with your babies and toddlers.

  • Prepare good quality face masks for your toddler

While we observe proper mask etiquette when we are outside, it’s important to ensure our children aged 2 and above wear a face mask too to help protect them from virus transmission.

Choose a comfortable and good quality face mask for your toddler – both Suzuran AirSpace 3-ply Face Mask (disposable) and Suzuran Antibacterial Gauze Face Mask (reusable) has a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) and Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) greater than 99%. Both are highly breathable and have soft and elastic ear loops to ensure optimal comfort too!

Psst… Our Junior Face Masks are also suitable for everyday use if your toddlers are attending preschool / kindergarten too!

  • Get a face shield for your baby (below 2 years old)

Using a face mask on children below 2 years old may increase the risk of suffocation (as they have smaller airways and breathing through a mask is harder for them). Therefore, it’s recommended to purchase a face shield for your baby to use it outdoor.  

  • Avoid crowd by going out at odd hours

One trick to avoid crowd is to be at your destination at odd hours, as there will be less people crowding the place. You can enjoy an early brunch out instead of lunch; or enjoy a quieter stroll in the shopping mall at 10 in the morning.

  • Call to confirm if the place you’d like to visit observe strict SOP

Don’t be shy – call the restaurant/café to check if they sanitize the place regularly, or if they provide enough space between tables to practice social distancing. And finally, make a reservation if you’re comfortable with their SOPs to reduce waiting time!

  • Sanitize all surfaces before you get comfortable

It’s always better to be safe than sorry – clean and sanitize surfaces (like table, chairs, baby highchair, diaper changing station, etc) that would be touched to give ourselves a piece of mind. You can wipe down the surfaces with our highly absorbent Cotton Sheet and sanitizer. Our Cotton Sheet is more durable and tear resistant than ordinary tissue, making sanitizing surfaces more efficient when you’re outside.

  • Remember to clean your baby’s face and hands too

While we are used to sanitizing our hands frequently, remember to clean baby’s face and hands too! Avoid using hand sanitizer on baby as it often dries out the skin. You can wipe and clean your baby with our Wet Cleaning Cotton – this sterile wet cotton wipes are soft and gentle to skin, and it’s easy to carry around as it is individually packed.

Sanitize surfaces with sanitizer and Suzuran Baby Cotton Sheet. Remember to clean and wipe baby's face and hands with Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton too.
Get ready with your sanitizer and our Cotton Sheet to sanitize surfaces; and our Wet Cleaning Cotton to wipe and clean baby's face and hands.

  • Clean and sanitizer everything when you get home

Always remember to clean and sanitize the things you’ve brought outside when you are back home. That includes your phone, handbag, diaper bag, infant carrier, stroller, diaper changing mat, etc. You can choose to clean these items by spraying sanitizer on our Cotton Sheet, then give them a good wipe down to ensure they have been disinfected.

While we learn and adapt to living alongside COVID-19, remember to always be respectful to the others. These are challenging times, so let’s be kind to one another and focus on doing what we can to ensure we are out safely and responsibly.

If you or any of your family members are not feeling well, please stay at home and away from others. Protecting ourselves mean protecting others – observe the symptoms, seek medical attention, and get tested if necessary. Together, we can help keep each other safe.