Suzuran Baby Gauze Undershirt – Made for Newborn Baby

Did you know? Our kimono-style baby undershirt is suitable for newborn onwards. It can fit up to 9-10 months old depending on baby’s size. And it is possible for your baby to continue wearing it up till toddlerhood too!

Here are why our 100% pure cotton undershirt is designed for newborn’s delicate skin.

Arc-shape Collar for Better Fit

This arc-shape collar offers your baby a better fit, and parents have the flexibility to adjust the collar to ensure it is fitted but not too tight for your baby/toddler. It is best for babies to wear clothing which is a little loose, so that they can feel comfortable and won’t get disturbed by wearing tight clothes.

Safe to Wear with Tie-Up Design

This tie-up design offers safety and conveniences to parents – it is easier and faster to tie the string and the tied-up string will not cause any discomfort to your child. This also allows your child to be able to wear it up till toddlerhood as it offers the flexibility to tighten and loosen the undershirt to fit your child’s size.

Loose Cuffs to Ensure Comfort

These loose cuffs offer not only comfort but also freedom for your baby to move his/her hands around while exploring the world, which will help babies to develop their motor skills.  

Made of 100% Cotton, Highly Absorbent & Breathable

Suzuran Baby Gauze Undershirt is made of 100% Japan medical standard absorbent cotton and is highly absorbent and breathable to keep your child’s skin dry and comfortable all day. Therefore, it is suitable for babies with sensitive skin, allergies (eg: asthma and eczema) as it made of pure cotton and has no fluorescence, chemicals or additives added.

Look at baby Lubna who is still wearing our Long Undershirt at 1 year and 4 months old!


Photos credit to @hananika 

Suzuran Baby Gauze Undershirt is available in short and long variant, click link below to check out more:

Suzuran Baby Gauze Short Undershirt
Suzuran Baby Gauze Long Undershirt

Start Trying Suzuran Baby

Purchase Suzuran Baby Long Undershirt that is made from 100% cotton gauze, a natural and non-allergenic fabric for your baby's all day comfort. It is suitable for all babies especially baby with allergies.

Suzuran Baby Gauze Long Undershirt
Suzuran Baby long undershirt covers until baby's toes.
Help your baby sleep better at night with Suzuran Baby long undershirt.
Suzuran Baby undershirt has a arc-shape collar for better fit.
Suzuran Baby undershirt feature safe-to-wear tie-up design.
Suzuran Baby undershirt has loose cuffs to ensure comfort.
Dimension of Suzuran Baby Gauze Long Undershirt
Suzuran Baby kimono-style baby clothing
Gauze Long Undershirt 2 pcs (0-9 months)
Gauze Long Undershirt 2 pcs (0-9 months)
Gauze Long Undershirt 2 pcs (0-9 months)
Gauze Long Undershirt 2 pcs (0-9 months)

Gauze Long Undershirt 2 pcs (0-9 months)

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100% Natural & Comfy Sleepwear for Babies (0-9 months)
Our kimono-design baby undershirt is made from 100% cotton gauze - a natural, non-allergenic fabric that is best suited for newborn baby's delicate skin. 

This soft and ultra-lightweight undershirt is highly breathable and absorbent so you don't have to worry about baby breaking out in rashes. With its length over baby's toes, it is best to be worn as sleepwear to help your baby sleeps better at night. 

Gauze Undershirt is very suitable for baby with sensitive skin and allergies ie. asthma and eczema. The high breathability and permeability feature of Gauze Undershirt allows baby's skin to breath easily as it helps absorb baby's moisture from skin effortlessly, helping baby to sleep better while leaving baby cool, dry and comfortable all day.