What Should Go into Your Hospital Bag?

What Should Go into Your Hospital Bag?

You probably think that you will only need to look into preparing your hospital bag at maybe…35 weeks?

Well, not everything will go according to your plan as you may go into labour earlier than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. So it’s always good to start getting things ready once your pregnancy has stabilised, or after you hit the 20-week mark of pregnancy.

Here’s what you should at least get ready to avoid a last-minute panic!

(1) T-shirts, sarung and maternity pads for mommy!
Pack your favourite old, baggy, smelly T-shirt because you deserve to feel all comfortable after delivering a baby. Sarung is good too but of course if you prefer baggy long pants it’s fine too. And yes, you’ll be having a heavy period after the deliver, so make sure you get maternity pads ready for it!

(2) Swaddle blanket to keep baby feeling safe!
We all know the weather in Malaysia is awfully hot sometimes, and who would want to swaddle their newborn babies and overheat them? Well, the truth is swaddling your baby will help keep him/her feeling secured. But of course, at the same time you should not overdress your baby with thick clothing. You can consider Suzuran Baby Gauze Short Undershirt (or Long) for your baby’s wear as it’s airy, comfortable and soft & gentle on your baby’s skin. So, make sure you pack one in the bag as the hospital nurse will ask a swaddle blanket from you upon discharging you and your baby.

(3) Baby gloves to avoid baby from scratching him/herself!
Do you know that baby is born with long and sharp nails? Well, most first-time parents wouldn’t know that too. Suzuran Baby Gauze Gloves are made from 100% pure cotton which makes it gentle and soft on baby’s skin! If you find the gloves (Suzuran Baby or any other brands) are too big, tape it with a medical tape to keep the gloves in place (big tip that we learned from the nurses)!

(4) A pack of newborn diaper to keep your baby’s bum clean & dry!
You can check if the hospital provides diapers for newborn babies, but it’s always better to have some diapers ready with you. As every baby is different and he/she may have reaction using the cheaper or more expensive diaper, we suggest you to get some newborn diaper samples, try them out and find out the diaper brand that both you and your baby like. Most importantly, remember to change your newborn’s diaper frequently to ensure he/she is well hydrated (enough wet diapers in a day) and to avoid diaper rash.

(5) Some formula milk powder on standby!
We understand every mother wants to provide the best for their baby. That’s why so many mothers are now committed to breastfeeding even before the baby is born. However, some mothers may experience difficulties breastfeeding their newborn in the early stage. Therefore, having some formula milk powder with you will help keep baby’s tummy filled, while both mommy and baby find ways to smoothen their breastfeeding journey.

Here's our hospital bag checklist to help you prepare in advance for your labour. You can also customise it for your own use!