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6 Newborn Hacks for New Parents

  1. Stock up baby essentials 3 months at a time
    Every 3 months is when baby has substantial milestones. You do not have to buy items which you will only need 6 months ahead. That will take up unnecessary space.

    In the first few months, newborns spend most of their day sleeping. Comfortable and breathable clothing is crucial for newborns such as Gauze Undershirt. There is no need to dress them up pretty when they spend most of their time sleeping.
  1. Stash the dry cotton wipes everywhere
    Dining table, under the stroller, baby playpen, diaper changing station, the car and everywhere your baby will spend time in. Items like Antibacterial Cotton Sheets really come in handy in wiping everything messy and dirty. You can use it dry or wet. These are perfect for cleaning drools, food mess and wiping sticky fingers as your baby grows. It will be a good idea to get them in bulk to save more!
  1. No number of handkerchiefs is enough
    Invest in breathable, lightweight Gauze Handkerchiefs that dry quickly. It saves you time and work effectively. Whether it is cleaning up drools, milk spit-ups and sweat, you need to use them constantly on a daily basis.
  1. Create a portable diaper changing / quick clean-up station
    Especially if you have stairs at home. Put all your cleaning and diaper changing essentials in a caddy and place one in two different spots around the house. This way, you can have quick and easy access to the cleaning essentials. This will save a lot of time. After changing diaper with Antibacterial Cut Cotton, you can clean baby’s mouth with Wet Cleaning Cotton, clean their nose and ears with Antibacterial Cotton Swab anytime.
  1. Pack a change of clothes for your baby and yourself
    You will likely pack extra clothes for your baby. But you may encounter incidents such as baby spitting up milk, urine shooting out when changing diaper or baby’s dirty hands on your clothing. Hence it is always a good idea to bring an extra outfit for yourself and also a pack of Antibacterial Cotton Sheet for easy cleaning.
  1. Invest in a baby carrier
    So you can have both of your arms free to do and carry stuff while running errands with your baby comfortably and snugly nestled against your chest.


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6 Newborn Hacks for New Parents



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