Cotton Gauze – The Ideal Fabric for Babies

Cotton Gauze – The Ideal Fabric for Babies

You are probably familiar with the cotton gauze bandages that can be found in the first-aid kit. However, did you know that cotton gauze is the ideal fabric to be worn by newborn babies, especially for hot and humid weather?

What is cotton gauze fabric?

Cotton gauze fabric is made from pure cotton – the 100% natural, plant-based fabric we know and love. It is lightweight, translucent, and great to be used for apparel and fashion.

Our reusable baby essentials are made with 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton Gauze.

Why is cotton gauze fabric a better choice for babies?

  • Cotton gauze is highly breathable.

Pure cotton is a natural fibre that regulates temperature and breathes better, hence it is better at keeping baby cool compared to synthetic fibres. Moreover, cotton gauze fabric provides an even better air permeability with its open and airy weave.

By using 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton Gauze, our cotton gauze fabric is highly breathable, ensuring it is safe and friendly to all newborn babies’ delicate skin (yes, all our products can be used on babies with sensitive skin or allergies). You don’t have to worry about baby overheating while wearing cotton gauze fabric.  

Our Gauze Undershirt is ideal to be worn in hot weather.

  • Cotton gauze is highly absorbent.

Cotton fibre is the most efficient at absorbing water. Therefore, our pure cotton gauze fabric enables better absorbency in helping to remove body’s moisture easily. Plus, it dries quickly too to help keep baby’s skin dry, cool, and away from heat rashes in this hot and humid weather.

Our Gauze Handkerchief can wipe away sweat and all messes effectively.

  • Cotton gauze gets softer after each wash.

You might have the first impression that our cotton gauze products have rough texture and feels coarse to the touch – but we beg to be different with our 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton Gauze.

Our cotton gauze fabric gets softer and softer after each wash, and it keeps its shape and last longer compared to other type of fabrics (eg: clothing consisting spandex).

Our gauze cotton items have been sterilized prior to packaging, you may use it directly after opening or wash it first to soften the fabric.

  • Cotton gauze is soft, gentle, and non-allergenic to baby’s skin.

100% cotton gauze products are soft and comfortable, which is attributed to the natural material they are made from. This ultra-lightweight fabric is soft, gentle, and comfy to newborn baby’s delicate skin.

Plus, as pure cotton gauze is a 100% natural, plant-based fabric, it does not release small particulate matter that can trigger any skin irritations, allergies, or an asthma attack.

Comfy and airy cotton gauze clothing helps baby to sleep better and be less fussy.

Give cotton gauze fabric a try today to experience its softness, breathability, and absorbency yourself. We know you will love it as much as we do.

Suzuran Baby Cotton Gauze Series

All our cotton gauze products are made from 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton Gauze. These reusable and washable baby essentials are highly breathable, absorbent, and comfortable. Shop our cotton gauze series here: